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THREE GRACES LAMP. The elegant "Three Graces" sculpture is the focus of the design in our classic figurine table lamp. The 17"w x 16"h cream damask fabric dome shade is fully lined, has matching braided panel trim and includes 6" glass beaded fringe. The dark bronze finish base with white marble accent uses a 50-150 watt bulb with a 3-way switch. The lamp measures 30"high overall.  K5557  $200   Special Price  $155 
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An array of hand-painted roses with dogwood accent flowers and green leaves decorate the 10" diameter ball shade with a 4" fitter and bottom globe which are tinted a pink mist over opal glass. Pedestal, decorative plate with central draft burner and turn-key are all polished and lacquered solid brass. 75W maximum bulb. 7W night light. 28"high.  K1817C  $550
lovely combination
of taupe fabric
panels with satin
embossed taupe
roses alternate with floral panels
in raspberry and mauve flowers
clustered in shaded tones of
green leaves on a taupe
background. The six panel
shade is 11"w x 8" h and
accented with 6" long clear glass beading. A bronze lily pad 11" base with a 3-way socket and heavy duty harp. 60W maximum bulb. 22"high .
K5559  $150
LADIES TABLE LAMP with ROSES SHADE. Sparkling white glass-beaded fringe accents the hand painted salmon tinted roses with green leaves on a frosted snow white marbled glass background. Each shade measures 6"w x 8" h . The dark mahogany bronze finished lamp base displays three graceful ladies ("Three Graces") with a white marble sphere accent. The rose designed shade holders are supported by gently curving scrolled arms. Overall size is 24"high x 16"wide. Use three 25W candelabra bulbs.  K5505-R  $275
DANIELLE'S VICTORIAN LAMP. Circa 1880 style lamp has 14" diameter hand-painted opal glass shade and font base in tones of pink, mauve and berry on blended mauve to light blue to mottled mauve background. Lamp with chimney is accented with thirty-six glistening 3" crystal prisms. Crown, shade holder and footed base are polished and lacquered solid brass. 3-way switch controls 75W maximum main light and 7W night light. 28"high.   K1630C  $770
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EMILY'S ROSES PARLOR LAMP. An array of hand-painted roses paired with dogwood accent blooms and leaves decorate the 10" diameter ball shade and pear shaped bottom globe. Solid brass central burner plate, key and lamp base. Glass chimney. 75W maximum bulb, 7W night light. 26"high.  K1818C  $500
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Scalloped and crimped clear crown
8" shade with etched frosted glass
belly has a 4" fitter base. The detailed
golden amber hand-blown base is a
replica of early American lamp patterns used during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Lamp includes a frosted glass chimney and a choice of an oil or electric unit. Normal safety precautions should be exercised when using any oil lighted lamp. 23" high overall.     Please specify:
Oil or Electric light unit when ordering. K1663C-AM  $125
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An array of hand-painted roses paired with dogwood blooms and leaves on a pink mist over opal glass. Charming accent lamp with 9" diameter shade has 4" fitter with solid brass polished and lacquered hardware. 75W maximum bulb, 7W night light. 22"H.   K1819C  $455
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Coolidge Ruby Base